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Trigger 'taskcompleted' fires not longer on a task after add a due date to the task

Hi @all,

in a workflow i add a Task like this:

{state:Paket zugewiesen|hideselection=true}
{task:name=Paket Bearbeitung|assignee=@Bearbeiter@}

with the following trigger:

{trigger:taskcompleted|task=Paket Bearbeitung}
{set-state:Bearbeitung abgeschlossen}

in the complete Workflow it works like a charm. But when i add a due date to the task manualy the trigger fires not longer.

If i add the due date in the task in the workflow, it works as long as i change the due date by hand.

Is there a hint or do I overlook something?

Thx Joerg
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