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mails not getting delivered

I'm having a problem with the mail notification - not one single notification mail has been delivered yet, they seem to get stuck in the queue. this only affects adhocworkflow notification mails though - all other confluence mails never had a poblem getting through. what could this be? I'm using Confluence v3.5.9 and AHWF Plugin v3.2.4
  • Miguel (Support Engineer) February 22, 2012 01:24
    Hi Jonathan,

    The only thing I can think of is that the queue processing has been turned off. I had done some testing when another client had reported a similar issue some time ago, and it seems that at least some of the regular Confluence emails seem to skip the mail queue or have their own queue processing.

    Do the emails all get sent when you flush the queue?

    To see if the mail queue processing is enabled or not, go to the "Scheduled Jobs" page in the Confluence Admin. On that page near the bottom, there should be a "Flush Mail Queue" Job and the status should be "Scheduled". If it is not scheduled, there should be an "Enable" link at the end of the row, click on that to turn it back on.

    Also check the history to see if it has been running and the last time it ran.

    It is also possible the someone changed the mail queue processing settings for the timing. It should be "0 * * * * ?", if it is not click on the "Default" button and save it. Then on the next minute change, the queue should be processed.

    Let me know,

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